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Wedding Guide


Clothes and accessories

Clothes and accessories


The day of the wedding also the choice of the suit can be the occasion to realize a dream, attention however not to make yourself take the hand!

For her:

The wedding dress is surely one of the most important items of a wedding ceremony; it has always had a fundamental role underlined by traditions and rituals such as the custom that the groom must not see the dress before the wedding or that of wearing something blue, the tradition of wearing at least one item of clothing previously worn and many others.
Wearing a white dress and veil as symbols of purity is a tradition that goes back to the 19th century and originally involved a series of rules and a strict etiquette; nowadays fortunately things are not so rigid and each woman can feel free to choose according to her own taste.
Nevertheless it's important to follow some basic rules, firstly it's best to not exceed in originality and choose a dress according to one's figure and personality along with the stile of the ceremony.

Do not underestimate the importance of comfort, or you might end up feeling uncomfortable and awkward on your special day.
According to tradition the woman chooses the dress with her mother several months before the wedding. The dress can be of many styles, and current fashion always offers a vast array of colours and models, so you can choose to highlight your femininity or prefer the more sober elegance of traditional dresses with narrow waists and wide gowns.
It is very important, in order to be sure of the final impression, to try the dress with the bra you intend to wear for the wedding and all the accessories.


Abito da Sposa, vestito per il matrimonio - Sorrento Sposi


For him:

It is generally best to choose a suit that can be used for other occasions but if you want something very elegant, especially if the ceremony is in the daytime, a tight is always a valid choice.
A classic tight requires chamois gloves and a cylinder hat, therefore if you prefer something a bit less formal, the half tight might or a single-breasted classic suit, with colour matching vest coat and tie, are an appropriate choice.
The shirt must be necessarily white and black shoes with laces are almost compulsory.
When choosing the suit, the groom must also take into consideration the style of the wedding dress but since he must not see the dress until the wedding, it is best to get advice from someone in the family or friends who have seen the dress. However among the many alternatives, the most convenient choice either for her or for him is to get advice from qualified professionals.


Abito da sposo, vestito per le nozze - Sorrento sposi


The accessories, which complete the final look, must be chosen properly.

It's best to follow the advice of those who provide the dress or suit, who will certainly know how to direct you towards which colour or textile is best for shoes and gloves. The purse, like most other accessories, must be chosen by taking into consideration the colour of the dress. When in church, it's best to leave it with someone so that in the bride's hands there is only the bouquet.
It is also preferable for the bride not to wear any jewellery, so that the wedding ring is given the proper evidence. However if you want to wear any, thin and elegant jewellery is preferable.

For the City Hall Ceremony:

Elegant but sober suit and dress, are recommended for the civil wedding in the city hall. You can choose a classic tailleur or a short dress or even trousers. The bouquet is necessary.
Even regarding this choice of clothing it's important for him to take into consideration the suit chosen by the bride.

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